Barangaroo Reps

Barangaroo Reps

Sunday – Long Run

Not one I enjoyed to be honest. Ran over to CP nursing a sore hip. Yes that thing continues to plague me. It was a skinny turnout with just CT, Enda, LJ and two other blokes out for a Sunday trot. The course was the Queen’s Park loop but thankfully CT indicated quite early that we were not to do the hills.

Pace was maybe 4:35s the whole way which was slightly uncomfortable. Said my goodbyes near the Fox Gates and slugged out the last 10k back West. Home by 9am for a nice breakfast of fried eggs on toast. Boring.

32k all up.

Monday – Pyrmont

Skipped the cross-training this morning and jogged over to IT for some laps. The intention was to loosen up the hips. It didn’t quite work but it was worth a shot.

Headed out once again at lunch with Sam T. An easy 13k around Pyrmont. Always good company.

Tuesday – Barangaroo 6x1ks

Back into HuRTS training after countless months on the sideline. I chose a good day to show up! Starting point was the Barangaroo Gates and there was up to 30 of us in attendance. Had a nice little 3k warm-up with Yum Cha trying to work out what my legs were capable of. By the way, they are not in a great state.

Decided to work at 3:20s pace which is roughly my half-marathon speed. This put me well back from the front which itself is fairly humbling. Nevertheless, I didn’t want to extend myself. Was probably hanging around the C group which included Simon W, Jono O’L and I think even Toby.

Splits: 3:21, 3:15, 3:19, 3:23, 3:15, 3:12

Ran solo back around the Hickson wharves to get the Ks up for lunch. 14k all in total. Clearly I’ve lost a lot of speed but this is a small confidence boost.

Found this letter waiting for me at home. It is not good news…

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