Barangaroo Strides

Barangaroo Strides

Super warm day, so much so I should have run to Redleaf pool. Started at the Pillars where HuRTS were preparing for Timmy’s 20 min hills + 3km tempo. Champ and I snuck off with both with valid excuses of tired legs. A nice run around the water all the way to Barangaroo absorbed much of the time. Feeling better today though can’t ignore strange stiffness in my lower calf!

Saw a few isolated groups on 400s – Yum Cha, Gleeso, Sonya. At the South End, it was time to do strides. 6x150m in total. A nice way to finish the run. The goal was 60 min, and as I returned the watch said 65 min.

13.5km at 5:00s. 

Had breakfast at Bistro Guillaume with Charlie – fancy french establishment. Scrambled Eggs with Truffle ($28) shown below.

Whilst I know it is cool to have truffle, my mind had constructed a vastly different dish to what was served.


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