Barangaroo with LJ

Barangaroo with LJ

I have not really raced since Melbourne in October last year and neither Laura. She’s been injured, I’ve been lazy and demotivated.

LJ is now in the early stages of rehab and I was pretty pleased she reached out for some company. With her limit being 40 min on soft, flat turf, we met at Barangaroo and went back on forth on the dirt gravel track and even ventured into the wharves (wooden boardwalk quite soft).

Having been quarantined for 3 months to altitude training with a bike, endless pool laps and aqua swimming, it was clear how much LJ enjoys running. So much so I had to force her from 4:30s to 4:50s pace. 40 min was up so I knocked out another 25 min solo around Hickson wharves. Saw a few others today include Andy Heyden in tights, Jeet post-gym session and Worswick post 6FT.

13k all up at 4:50s.

Today Trinity turned 17 months…soon she will be stuck with me as Lorie will have her hands full with #2.

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