Barangaroo with Tom and Kanser

Barangaroo with Tom and Kanser

Trinity is nailing the sleep routine and the derivative is so am I helped by a fan-in-the-face nightly set-up. On balance, it could explain my good recovery.

Lunchtime – just Tommy H, Kanswer and I which I highly enjoyed. Shenanigans of the Corporate Cup drain the ranks of the usual crew and increase the pedestrian traffic around Mrs M Chair. First world problems but I still hate it.

Steady pace round the wharves then Barangaroo before retracing to CQ with these two vets. Legs probably felt flatter and more prickly than yesterday which is a little baffling. High quality banter focused on (i) goal times for North Head 10km, (ii) the team’s fear of the female elite marathon times of late, (iii) case studies in over-training.

At 32 degrees, high humidity and one of my companions clearly a serial sweater, I became frightened of what would happen if I was caught drafting in his sweat-stream slip-stream. A key skill during racing is to pick the right line. In effect, I had 1 hrs practice with heightened risk into the headwinds.

14km at 4:56s.

Looks like my Saucony Fastwitch and New Balance Zante’s have logged 600km each. Two months old and tonight they are in the trash. Goodbye.

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