Bay Area Half with 10km at pace

Bay Area Half with 10km at pace

Always chuffed when I fit in some extra quality.

Felt 6/10 heading out so 0-5km was a zig zag around SW portion of Leichhard streets.

Hit the canal at 5km, felt a strange urge to move sub 5:00s and just went with it. Started at 3:40s and before long I was CW on the Bay Run thinking ‘see how far you can get‘.

Right then, Gary Howard’s Run Crew came storming past (CCW), clearly in tempo-mode. There was De Canto and Lewis putting the pace which meant for me, bailing now (at 2km) was not an option.

Sat at a comfortably hard 3:35s and by Iron Cove (where Lewis crossed again), I was feeling it. The legs are pretty tired from the week’s running. Finally, 8km outside Le Montage but momentum was good and I expected the last 2km to be uglier than the reality. End point all the way where Canal hits Para Rd.

10km in 35:20 at 3:32 ave pace. 

Splits for the 10km: 3:34, 3:42, 3:39, 3:34, 3:33, 3:31, 3:21, 3:28, 3:31, 3:24

Slow cool-down back to KG Oval. Once again, I saw the Run Crew warm-ing down but no signs of Lewis whom I had hoped to corner for breakfast. Nasty surprise choosing a back-street hill from KG to Balmain Road.

21.1km all up in 93 min. No coincidence to the 0.1km extra to get to HM distance.




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