Bay Run Tempo

Bay Run Tempo

Day #2 of paternity leave combined with a continuation of night-time coughing and scratchy throat.

Jogged down to the Bay area around 6:30am. After a 2.5k w/u, I decided to put a little speed into the legs right around Timbrell Park. Similar to Saturday, I didn’t quite know what to do. So I did an out-and-back towards Five Dock at tempo pace, then returned to the Bay Run.

Initial thinking was 3k at MP, but this turned into 5k, then 8k and finally 12k continuous. Felt bad for the first 3k, OK for another 5k and then was in suffer mode for the last 4k. Finish point was back near the Rowing Centre. Saw Neil dressed like a Snowman on the back side which was my sole source of entertainment.

12k in 44:15 or 3:40s average pace. I can only conclude that I’ve lost all that form from 2 weeks ago at the SMH.

Breakfast was much more enjoyable!

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