Bellevue Hill

Bellevue Hill

Tuesday – Telstra 

Went the opposite direction to HuRTS – who moved the 45 min fartlek to Hickson Wharves. Running scared or looking for something different? Both.

Pete and Champ, from Telstra, extended an exclusive invite for a secret Course Record attempt up Bellevue Hill. Met at Pillars, went through Rushcutters Bay and up the super steep Loftus Ave. Started the climb at Double Bay pushed the pace up the 1.5k odd incline. First time up this hill and whilst it’s not too hard, the steady incline is a good workout.

Interestingly Champ has the Course Record at 6:30. He stuck with me and to my amazement we finished up at the top in 6:05ish. I feel next time, I can do a 5:45. After a short break, we swung left and down to Rose Bay before cutting back into the CBD.

Boy this run had more hills than I can count.

17km all up. Got back from the 85 min with sore legs and a seriously big appetite. Quality work-out. Double commute today too, leaving me just shy of 30k.

Wednesday – Nothing!

So frustrated when work meetings clash with my normally untouchable lunch-time run break. the 12:30-1:00 ran over leaving me with the dreaded lunch-at-the-desk routine.

At least I got in a double commute (w/ walking) plus a little bit of X-training before work. Every so often, a nothing day is good for me….

Will make amends tomorrow.

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