Sunday – Easy 15k

To run or not to run? Run. I’ve been confirmed over Molly’s lack of fitness so it was time to see where she was at. Jogged over to the Bay Run looking for Champ and Lissy who mentioned they’d be there around 8am. Molly was doing just fine at 4:40s which impressed me.

Found Lissy (finally) on the Drummoyne side and handed Molly over. From there, I was dog-less and free to see out the last 45 min with Champ. This went pretty fast and the only ‘surprise’ was a surge up Lilyfield Road which did remind me what pain feels like.

15k all up. Molly was waiting outside my house at the end – thanks Lissy.

Also headed down to LPAC in the late afternoon for an easy 40 min freestyle.

Monday – Wharves

Fast pace today. Way too fast with a few rookie runners moving at 4:30s almost instantly. Luckily I found Jac and Elle who were more than happy to ease back on the pace. The main reasons given included 1) post 6FT ITB issues for Jac, and 2) the onset of pregnancy for Elle.

Touched the Barangaroo doors and followed Hickson Road back to CQ to cover 13k all up. Legs felt good today.

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