Blackmore’s Half Marathon

Blackmore’s Half Marathon

Mixed the Blackmore’s Half Marathon into my Sunday LR. It is a rare chance to run across the Bridge! I decided to jog over for the 6am start last night, which meant a sleepy few steps out the door at 5:15am.

Started with the 80 min train (paced by Tom, Muzza). Took me a few K to warm-up, before I teamed up with Steve Ellis, Brendan, David Byrne and Eoin out to the 8km at CQ. Honestly, my legs felt a little tired from Thurs/Fri and sensed my stomach was playing up.

Dragged Brendan to his desired 37:30 10km time, before moving forward as we set out to the sleepy suburb of Pyrmont. Ran a little bit with Angus, cheered the guys upfront and behind and realised that by Fairfax, any chance of pacing other HuRTS runners was gone.

From there, I made two more friends (being their wind-block) down to Barangaroo. Focused my efforts on a high cadence, good form and closing out the few Ks without too much suffering. I’d say by the Hyatt, the 3:30s definitely felt hard and I had zero interest in a final sprint finish offered by my surging companion. Good on him.

76:45 at 3:38 min/km. 

A slow start giving rise to a 2-odd minute negative split. HR seemed to sit at a steady 150s the whole race.

The next 15 min was great. Lots of energy and a great vibe with several noteworthy PBs: Darren, Brendan, Renee and The Vonk. After a few freebies and a 5 min sit-down at the Striders Tent and it was time to run-home. Neil still had 60 min to run and joined me at 5:15s down to Blackwattle Bay via Chinatown. Very random.

Lucky he dropped off near the Fish market, as my stomach was seriously painful. The last 3km was closer to a shuffle for that reason. Overall, a solid LR and happy to bank a 76 min half.

8km on either side of the 76 min Half Marathon. A solid hit-out that suggests my fitness is OK. The real highlight is not what I did, but rather the camaraderie that comes with these big-ticket events.

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