Sunday – Blackmores Spectating

The plan was 30k with as much company as possible. Jogged over to CP to meet Renee, Marko, LJ and another guy. Half the park was fenced off due to the SRF Full Marathon. Consensus was to head straight into the CBD to watch the half marathon runners who started at 6am.

We did just that, joining the race near Hyde Park though it was pretty clear that those around us were 2:10 type of runners. Spent a few K weaving through the ranks down to CQ before breaking off again towards Hickson Road.

Saw the front runners storming home first and cheered them whilst we headed to Barangaroo. LJ was keen to run with Jac and we eventually founder her (along with Timmy) at the end of Hickson Road. A 180 and with the train in track we finished the last 4k of the race.

Really loved the vibe and relaxed atmosphere. It’s fun not hammering myself and just jogging along with like-minded-runners…

Here are some photos taken by Champ.

Crossed the line (bandit style) and ran home having completed my 32k run. I was knackered.

Backed it up later at lunch riding 15k out and 15k back to Homebush for a picnic with the family. 30k on the bike.

Monday – a little sore today after a cross-training session in the morning. Rolled out at lunch to join HuRTS on the usual course out to Barangaroo. As I write this, I can’t quite remember who I ran with to be honest. 12k all up.

Tuesday – I was ready to do speed work, but didn’t feel like doing it in a group (later I found out the set was Timmy’s 20 min hills plus tempo). I ended up doing a strange fartlek that involved 45s on, 60s off at pacing that was 3:30s / 4:15s (I was not looking at the watch). This was undertaken around Hickson wharves and Barangaroo, back around Opera House. Covered 12k of which 10k was the fartlek itself. 3:59s average pace. Good session.

Wednesday – Champ, Pete and I for a standard mid-week recovery run to Barangaroo. Little to report on the 11k.

Here is a video of Trinity attempting to ride a scooter. Hilarious!

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