Blackwall Mountain

Blackwall Mountain

Saturday PM – Copacabana

Jog from Hardy’s Bay to Copacabana Beach. Google Maps says there are some nice trails bypassing the main road. Much promise.

The reality check was running alongside cars coasting at 80km/hr on a windy, hilly traverse through a forest. Eventually, I stumbled onto Copacabana Beach, south side. Made my way up the sand to meet Lorie (by car) and a dozen other friends for a BBQ. A just reward for my troubles.

11km all up, very hilly. 

Sunday Long Run – Blackwall

Unusually tired despite the low intensity week with a few swim-for-run substitutes. Set out early, little idea where I was going. Saw a distant bridge across the Bay and just went for it. Some trails, property trespassing and then swamp lands left me in a highly disorientated state, shown below.

 Crawled under a fence, and out pops a bloke (Jo) in a 6FT singlet. Local artist from Woy Woy, used to live in Sydney and did 3:13 at Melbourne. Crossed the bridge with my new companion, then followed him for another 20 min in some unknown area.

Approached Blackwall Mountain, maybe a 150-200m ascent on gravel and I tackled this solo. Great views at the top. Descended, added 4km along a bike path before heading back.

Back over the bridge, but the day was not over. Return trip on another main road, no pedestrian access and this one crested over a major hill. Quite unusually, I was suffering on the climbs.  
Finished the run as 2 hours ticked over. 

23km in 2:05. Bad pace because of walking and crawling involved. 

There is a god, because as I got home I stumbled upon the local markets. My eyes were fixated in the 4-o-clock direction…. dedicated BBQ area dishing out a well-priced B&E roll ($6).
Decently sized but felt the need for a double egg. I poked the bun and it sprung back – I think that’s good sign? Still, I had to work with the ketchup to overcome the dryness. 
Bacon situation? 7/10. No fat bits, nicely charred without being overcooked. Overall, beggars can’t be choosers and I felt it was a decent reward for my efforts.
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