Blackwattle Dogs

Blackwattle Dogs

Another jog with Molly. Figured I’d bring her along Blackwattle Bay to build her social skills.

Sadly, she craps herself every time a dog passes. I put it down to that 25km run in April where bulldog on steroids grabbed her by the throat in the last 2km. Could feel the heat picking up as I finished up, all before 8am.

Ankle as sore as yesterday, hence 45s walking every 5 min. 10km in 65 min at 6:30 min/km.

The training plan now switches to swim 1-2/week, runs <10km all="" easy.="" km--="" nbsp="">

PM – heat unbearable. Trifecta of swimming at the local 50m pool. Another 2km battling the zoo of school kids. 43 min of frolicking according to the watch. In fact, I’ve doggie paddled 6km in 3 days.

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