Blackwattle Friday, Pram Saturday

Blackwattle Friday, Pram Saturday


I put out an SOS into the HuRTS chat for a lunch run and only Andy Cross responded. 2k down to IMAX where he was waiting to drag me on an 11k loop around Pyrmont Wharves, Jacksons, ANZAC Bridge and Blackwattle Bay.

It’s been awhile since I caught up with Crossy so I was curious what the athelete has been up to. My curiosity was rewarded as it turns out that today alone he did:

– 90 min on the bike trainer
– 30 min body weights / cardio
– and 60 min running with me.

SO in short, I feel like a slob after learning of his routine. Foot felt a little suspect but the company was nice. As we hit Bicentennial Park (Annandale), I was tempted to just got 1.5k home for lunch and start the w/e early. Closed out the final few K shooting back via Pyrmont Bridge whilst Crossy was describing how he failed to qualify for Nina Warrior on TV late last year – by the sounds of it the try-outs are difficult.

15k all up at around 4:40s.


Was beating myself up having missed Saturday Pram Run last weekend due to the rain. Knocked up a solid 30 min cross-training (inspired by my chat with Crossy yesterday) between 6:30 and 7am. This involved: push-ups, burpees, KB swings and other KB routines that I’ve made up over time.

Grabbed the pram, strapped the daughter in and headed out with a view to doing at least 90 min. Made up the course as I went but essentially found myself looping around the Pyrmont and Darling Harbour area. By the time 90 min was up, my legs/arms were all pretty tired so it was time to head home.

Pram felt quite wonky in the way back – a few collisions with walls, sign posts and other pedestrians did me no favours. Nevertheless Trinity clearly loves (i) bumps, (ii) biscuits, and (iii) views of water. She had all 3 and didn’t complain once.

Threw in a few hills (ANZAC Bridge, Vic Road) just to make life miserable, before shooting down Balmain Rd and rounding my run up to 2 hours.

In the end: 30 min cross-training, 2 hours running at 5:10s pace. Not sure if that is a substitute for a long-run? Foot feels fine today.

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