In some respects this week has turned into a base-only, speed-less consolidation period. Frankly the motivation is not there to push.

Thursday – Pyrmont

Pyramid intervals did not sound fun at all. Instead, I linked up with Yum Cha (aka Brendan Wong). Not sure if it is still suitable to call him that as he’s been on a low carb, salad-only lunch diet since returning back from Japan early this year. In my view it is working. The guy is 4kg lighter and has moved his LR up to 25k.

Ran around the wharves, before saying Hi to Barts Batt and Sonia over at Barangaroo. Sonia jumped onto our little train and we headed over to Pyrmont. I had some concerns what happens if a pregnant lady at 27 weeks falls, hence I sort of ran in front and bulldozed pedestrians around DH to ensure a clear path. The pace slowed to 5:10s which was her request (and who am I to argue). I gather she’ll be running well into the 30s before it all becomes too hard. Sonia dropped near Fairfax, leaving YC and to round out this MLR.

15k at 4:50s.


Friday – HuRTS

I’ve missed the group run this week. Joined 6 others that included Tommy H, Enda, Jac and the two other blokes who I don’t know the names of. Usual wharves route to Barangaroo. The best bit of the run was horror stories during labour…. from a dad’s point of view. Enda is soon to welcome #3 but he seems pretty relaxed. We got to the green door at Barangaroo and just Jac and I decided to cut back a slightly truncated route (down Hickson).

13k all up.

Looking forward to a weekend of brunching, swim lessons and my long run at Centennial. Unfortunately my all time favourite Kepos Street Kitchen is closed for renovation. This is a disaster.

Photo of the week – the 3 girls are doing well and hence my running has not been impacted.

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