Blues Point

Blues Point

Some soreness relating to yesterday’s 22km in the legs and 15 min of KB-related training in the arms. Ironically, these puny weights do more damage.

Just two veteran ultra-runners at the usual meeting point: Andy Heyden and J Worswick. As a trio, we had full flexibility on choice of course and it was decided North was the go.

JW, with his lack of running etiquette, kept 4 strides ahead at an uncomfortable pace, maybe 4:40s. Much too intense for tired old Heydo and I, who were there for an easy 60 min with some chat. Great to see the Heydo returning to the pavement pounding.

The course took us through the Gardens, across the Bridge, around Luna Park then down to Blue’s Point. Lots of hills, which makes this a solid base building run. Felt better the longer I went.  Perfect running weather.

13km at 5:07s. 

Tomorrow, the HuRTS set is 7x400m plus 3km tempo. 50% probability I’ll do much more than a few 400s.

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