Blue’s Point

Blue’s Point

Time to head North, a pocket of Sydney that I have missed. Managed to coerce Champ and we went the long way – via Farm Cove.

Meanwhile I passed the HuRTS team moving back and forth between the gates – yes the set was the famous 14x3min.  Gave them my wave of sympathy before ascending the steps near the Opera House and up the Cahill Express Way. Why you’d do such a tough set so late in the season is beyond me?

Moved across the Bridge, looped down to Blue’s Point at a modest pace before heading back. Champ cheekily suggested a Pillar to Pillar surge on the Bridge. Once the idea was planted, there is no backing down. So across the bridge, a nice 3:20s segment of 1k. Fastest I’ve moved in a long time. We finished the run down near Mac St whereby I’d banked 16km. Big day of Ks considering I commuted both ways today.

Here is Trinity and I on Sunday, before her birthday lunch. I see this and think, ‘wow I wish I had that flexibility


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