Blue’s Point with Tempos

Blue’s Point with Tempos

Legs are still feeling heavy despite the absence of anything technical, hilly or fast in recent memory. Took the bike in to give myself every chance of feeling fresh at lunch. This seemed to work, but by the time lunch rolled around I had talked myself out of the 1k reps at Barangaroo.

Joined Champ at the Pillars and he seemed oddly motivated to go NOTB. So the course was Farm Cove, Cahill Expressway and then boardwalks around Luna Park. Ran around BP and then up again past Lavender Road and back into the CBD. The real interesting thing about this run was the random intervals:

– 2k tempo around FC and Opera House – splits 3:25 and 3:35
– 1.3k tempo across the Bridge from South to North – pacing 3:35s
– 1.7k tempo back across the Bridge home – pacing 3:30s

I proudly stated to Champ that this is my speed work for the month of July.

15.5k all up in 66 min.

Poor Champ seemed pretty sluggish complaining about hunger, stomach pains and his BRAT diet (Bread, Rice and whatever A and T stands for). I feel for the guy as this was my breakfast over the weekend.

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