Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens

Final day in Hobart for work. Had a nice 45 min window before the tour bus arrived allowing me to jog over to the Royal Botanic Garden. Was pleasantly surprised with how I recovered from yesterday’s mountain run.

To my disappointment RBC is a poor man’s version say the Melbourne version (or any decent sized city). A few trees, a main gravel track and some side dirt trails and not much else. Followed a gravel road for 2k which then spat me onto an isolated oval with the best grass ever. Of note was a beautiful white line marking 400m.

Why not test my fatigued legs? Used my reserves in a 8x500s session at 3:20s pace. The rest was an active one via 10 burpees. Now I can bludge on Tuesday and Thursday knowing I’ve done my speed work. A short jog back for me to 11k for the morning.

One lesson from the trip is the Tasmanian’s are good with salmon, but not with breakfasts. For example, below is a scrambled egg encased in an Indian roti bread. The chilli was very confusing.


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