Boxing Day with Molly

Boxing Day with Molly

Euphemistically speaking, a dog walk this AM and a long one at that. Fueled by honey glazed ham, Molly and I intended to do 14km in the Drummoyne area. Legs felt OK (body felt heavy) and once I got the the Chiswick area, we were salivating over some nice waterfront properties. Catching my breath after a small hill (yes I am that unfit right now) – “…another few decades in the work force and we’ll get there” is what I reassured the quizzical looking dog.

Paid zero attention to pace and distance. Eventually, whilst heading back via Five Dock I could tell Molly was starting to drop pace. Disappointed by this as she’s done 30km before and by that stage, it was only 18km.

Waddled through the door clocking up 21km all up in 1:48. Dog was fairly motionless but in decent spirits.

Two half maras covered in 2 days. Not bad given my poor state of personal fitness. With a good mate from the US over this arvo, I’ve signed up to show him the Bay Run before dinner. Lucky I’ve left a little juice in the tank just for this.

On the present side I will rant again. T brings home 30x dresses, 15x toys vs. my pair of K-mart thongs, two non-silk ties and a Mickey Mouse t-shirt. Yes – trust a Filo aunt to give a grown man a Mickey Mouse top…

Well, it’s this sort of self-pity that results in a new batch of shoes. I’ll give Saucony a go over summer. 3x Fastwitch (for training), 1x Type A6 (for racing).

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