Break Through

Break Through

Can’t say the recent injury issues are behind me judging by the soreness in the morning. That said it was time to get off my arse and do some speed. I can probably thank Erika for dragging me out to the HuRTS session today. That set was 20 min fartlek (2 on 1 off), 5 min rest, 20 tempo.

Noticed a slightly strained left arch on the 3k warm up leaving me a little timid. So after Barts set us all off downhill from the pillars I fell well off the pace pretty quickly. Found JFen and Heyden and as we moved through FC and CQ later picking up Fats near Hyatt. Upfront Barts, an Asian guy (?), Scotty and Jono were motoring along well beyond my ability. 

Eventually I dropped my team at the 20 min mark and used the 5 min break to head right into Barangaroo making the Fartlek set essentially 24 min (8x3min). Saw Crossy and Timmy doing their own secret 400s near the Cave area and at that point it was unclear whether I’d survive the trip home. Did a 180 at a relatively arbitrary point meaning I had zero idea if I’d make it home at 45 sharp?

Crossed over Barts and the Asian guy at the entry to Barangaroo who themselves were starting out the tempo after a 5 min rest. My strategy then changed from maybe quitting to hitching a ride back to the Pillars. Sat on Barts’ shoulder the whole way back which was a real benefit into the stiff headwinds around MMC. Saw a few splits in the 3.20s territory which explained why I was hurting so much.

Made it back in 45.30, some 10m behind Barts and well after some of the earlier finishers. No doubt I was in the hurt locker but for my efforts I was rewarded with a fairly solid 45 min hit out. I wanted to pull the plug from about 30 min so this is obviously a confidece booster.

13k at 3.29s average pace. Pretty sharp given my lack of form. 

17k including the warm up and cool down with Erika. 

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