Breakfast Point

Breakfast Point

Breakfast Point

Arranged to meet Champ at Le Montage at 6:30am, which based on my usual 6am wake-up routine provided ample time to get dressed, brush teeth, change etc.

Rolled over, read the watch (6:40am). Had one of those sleeps where the body is telling you it needs rest!

Thankfully Champ’s aggressive gardening has also taken its toll so he literally had the same issue. We met at 7am and agreed to a 20k’er out to Breakfast Point. There was definitive signs of soreness in my arch which is very bad news. Sort of came and way the whole way.

Champ struggled along for much of the trot despite the relaxed 4:45s pace and flat turf. Clocked up a good 10k near Cabarita Pool, following the water out to Breakfast Point where you get the best views of the Inner West. At that point my companion was certainly slowing (complaining of tired legs) so I was happy to head home.

Got back to the Canal feeling OK though I’ll admit the sore arch / stomach issues were persisting. After seeing Champ off, I regretably rounded out the last 10k in the Lewisham, Petersham area. Not sure how I ended up there but the key was just staying on the feet. Never felt ‘good‘ today.

32k in 2:32.

In hindsight a big pram run on a shoddy pram (it needs a service), plus all that walking (carrying Trinity) in the PM was my undoing.

Check out these bakery hot cross buns down at the bakery at Tramsheds. It puts the Supermarket product to shame.

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