Brexit Fall

Brexit Fall

Maybe this Brexit shenanigans is pissing Mother Nature off because there was something horrific about today’s North Westerly.

Similar to last week, joined Tym for the usual Barangaroo Pyrmont trundle. Dragged two logs around, not helped by a sore throat and once I turned west for the first time (near the Descent to Farm Cove) I knew this was no recovery run. It’s around CQ where two joined the party (Lambert, Wooey). Four of us turned into Barangaroo sitting on the water side of the waist-height divider. A gust comes and I was unprepared! Into the wall I went and before I know it, I was grounded, dazed and grazed. Good of the guys to shown genuine concern rather than laugh. Anyway, that was the low light for a run that eventually took us out to the Pyrmont offices near Fairfax.

A few others spotted doing secret training (ahead of GC): Jeet, Sonya, Darren. Aside from that, my other views from today (i) soon to be full time athlete Lambert is on track for a 77.XX at GC Half, (ii) Wooey is in for a rude shock if he does not sharpen his training ahead of Coastal Classic, and (iii) feel sorry for the always injured Tym.

14km at 4:55s.

Double commute today, bringing the total up to 24km. Hammy feels less tight than yesterday. The quads are 4/10, mainly cumulative fatigue. Basically with my appetite for 20km pd, it’s hard to stay fresh. Can’t wait for the weekend.


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