Bridges Loop

Bridges Loop

Bridges Loop

Took Saturday as a rest day (a big deal for me) with a view that I’d be bouncing around like a rabbit for my LR. Either my body does not like rest, or I drank too much (1 glass?) at a wedding. All I know is that as I rolled out the door at 6am, I felt like crap.

Ran around the Bay and on my way to Lane Cove where I met Matt at 6:45am. By then I’d clocked 10k and was worn from my battles with Gladesville Bridge and up that other hill to Lane Cove. Kept the pace fairly controlled moving through Artarmon bike path then up the route I used to take to the Bridge.

Crossed the bridge nearing 20k, loitered around CQ and Hickson and that’s where we both started to struggle. I dropped Matt off at the bridge (left him my Opal Card just in case) and finished the last few K around Pyrmont and into Glebe. In the end the course was a giant Bridges loop starting at Iron Cove, though I never made it home as I went straight to breakfast.

35k all up at 4:50s.

That breakfast at Revolver with Lorie, Champ and Lissy really tasted special after such a hard run.

Lorie’s French Toast was a bit of a let down because the caramel sauce became grainy. See below.

Wedding at USYD the evening before.


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