Thursday – UQ

Back on track today. Feeling better.

Stayed at my folks place down near UQ. UQ itself is a gold mine of flat turf, ovals and fellow Brisbane runners enjoying a super mild Autumn morning. Had a small window of just 50 min before my first meeting.

Jogged in an around the UQ area before heading east over a Bus only footbridge. I then turned left and followed a few tough hills to the north – an attempt to lift the heart rate. Turned at 7k and recrossed the bridge home.

12k all up at 4.45s. Legs enjoying a few east days.

One depressing thing about staying at my folks place is having supermarket cereal for breakfast rather than a gourmet buffet at the Sheraton.

Friday – 7k tempo

Normally a swim day – but I’m travelling and didn’t pack goggles that would otherwise see me at the UQ pool. Run it is – 60 min session. Jogged around the dirt track for a 3k warm up. At the time I didn’t know I was going to do a tempo.

Turned at the end of that circuit and having seen other running groups doing intervals, I became motivated. Moved the pace to what felt like a steady temp and put in a good 7k back to the apartment and out again. All flat, sustained effort.

In the end it was 3k warm up, 7k at MP and 4K warm down. 14k all up in 59 min. Expected a little more from my legs today but I’ll take 3.30s.

Breakfast today was walnuts and mango which is an improvement on yesterday.

The plan for the weekend is swim lesson tomorrow, long run Sunday

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