Brisbane River Tempo

Brisbane River Tempo

Excellent bike path infrastructure running both sides of the Brisbane River. Headed out at an acceptable 6am moving North from St Lucia (5km south of the CBD). There’s some soreness in the left post-tibial. It comes and goes and generally bad shoes or too many Ks on unstable turf is to blame.

3k w/u, just past Towong then where I decided the soreness was not too bad. Adding to the self-induced pressure of it being  Tuesday (ie speed), it was time to get serious.

5km at marathon pace: 3:37, 3:33, 3:32, 3:32, 3:32. That did not feel great.

Happy feelings indeed finishing that 5km segment. I crossed Stony bridge, looped around to the next bridge past the Botanic Gardens. Back on the North side, I found Charlie (running near his hotel). There was 2km of company, before a long 6km slug back to St Lucia.

20km at 4:30s.

Perhaps today’s 5km tempo was hard because (i) I ran the night before, and (ii) I was solo. Let’s hope next few weeks will get easier.

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