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Bugaboo Runner

Bugaboo Runner

Friday – Centennial

Getting a little sick of plodding around the Hickson Wharves as I tend to do this 2-3x pw. Convinced Champ to head out to Centennial which is just as easy and much more quiet. 5k to the gate, <4k on the dirt track and 5k return. Champ seems to always have some excuse for ‘tired legs’. This generally falls into three categories:
– moving bags of stones around his street
– aggressive gardening
– a race.
Today he blamed the former two. 14k all up in 67 min.

Saturday – Pram Run 

In February, I took up pram running with great excitement. After all, what a great way to spent time with Trinity. Sunk $1k on the ‘world’s fastest pram’ – i.e. Phil & Ted Sub-4 as shown below.

Everything was wrong from day one – misaligned wheels, rubbing break pads, poorly fitted seat belt, no storage and finally, a broken axle after five runs. Anyway, I returned it and added ‘Phil & Ted‘ onto my black list.

Three months later – after much research – I’ve switched to Bugaboo Runner. Delivered to my door this week, assembled this morning (thanks Lorie).

Similar price, slightly sturdier but the make is much higher quality. The intention is to start at 15k, then eventually build the confidence to race up to 21.1k. Beyond that, it’s more a question of if Trinity can survive 3 hours in a seat? I’m also told the baby needs to be > 9 months which rules out Elora.

Anyway, I gave it for a test spin in the afternoon. Stuck to 4:45s (give or take) on the following course: Blackwattle Bay, Fish markets, Pyrmont and back across ANZAC Bridge. A nice 65 min run covering 14k. Trinity was dead silent which tells me she was either 1) mortified, or 2) extremely comfortable.

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