Build Up

Build Up

Build Up

Mileage slowly building up. I’m noticing the pains in my right knee cap restarting to re-emerge.

Thursday – ITAC swim in the morning – 1.5k all up.

Lunch – the intention is to ease back my legs into speedwork early in the CY. Today was the start of it. Ran around Pyrmont with Sam like I always do. On the way back, we cut out a few wharves and knocked out 10x80m sprints on the Fairfax lawn. Leg’s didn’t feel amazing but it was good for me. 13k all up.

Friday – this time, I ran out East to Garden Island. Took the long way around FC and return which meant this was a 12k (6 out, 6 back). Super easy day for me!

Saturday – doing my best to take Saturday’s off from running. Completed a solid 30 min of cross-training in the morning. In truth I’m not capable of being inactive hence this or swimming is my only option. I did head over to Drummoyne Pool in the afternoon for a 1.5k swim.

Sunday – met Matt at Park Hyatt at an ungodly 6am. By then I had already completed 11k (got out the door at 5:24am). Pissing down rain for the first 60 min of the run. The temp drop was amazing relative to yesterday! Ran around Hickson Wharves, then back to the Inner West to meet Dad at 7am. One more loop of the Bay Run and I was at 30k by 7:45am. Stomach was playing up 0-15k, settled down thereafter and life was easy the last 10k.

Flower Child Cafe in Chatswood – pretty solid Salmon + Quinoa combo. Who knew you can find this in a Westfield shopping Centre.

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