Bung Knee

Bung Knee

Knackered from my trip and right knee cap on the inner side remains sore. That later concerns me as it’s the same area I knocked on my fall 10 days ago. I’ve also worked out 12-14km per day is a sustainable run-rate whereby nagging pains will heal. This is the plan until the soreness subsides.

Thursday – 9km around the Bay Run in the AM, CW direction. First 4km quite sore but the back half was nice. A quick hi to Neil as I was finishing up around KG Oval.

Friday – Bay Run again after a mild sleep in.

Started CCW, hit the canal at 7km where once again Neil came limping past. The poor Irishman was nursing some broken legs (and mind) from a 6x4km marathon pace session last night. With Neil, the pace dropped to 5:30s back to KG then climbing the hill to Balmain Rd. This added another few handy Ks.

Knee feels a little better today. Everything else, not so.

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