C2S and Post C2S

C2S and Post C2S

C2S and Post C2S

Sunday – C2S – 29th in 47:36

I’ll circle back on a proper race report in coming days – it takes a long time to write these things! In summary, it wasn’t my best day and I was probably lucky to get away with 47:36 (29th place). A sizeable 50s slower than 2016 though I recall my placing was exactly the same?

Knew something was not quite right from 2k as I climbed Edgeliff – the quads had completely seized up and I was red-lining. Got to HBR some 20s ahead of 2016, but the moment I pushed off on the incline I had nothing left. So I was basically in survival mode, putting a sobering 4:10 split on the 7k and losing 30s vs 2016 on the segment. The job’s largely done post Dover Heights though I’d say the last 4k was not overly pretty – tried to chase Quentin who I finished neck and neck with on the tape. Final splits were decent around the 3:10-15s.

I could not even descend a single step that afternoon. What has happened to my quads I have no idea?

In terms of HuRTS, performance of the day goes to Barts with a sub 45, top 8 place. Unbelievable. Other great runs at the pointy end from Scotty, Nick and Andy Heyden.

My brother Matt had a solid race (47:55) despite being struck with the manflu. He came past me at 12k, led me to 13k then fell back in the final onslaught along C Parade.

Selfie with the girls – Rini is on my back, El is in a Kangaroo position on Lorie.

Monday – Stretch Out

Wow, my quads feel horrible. I recall 10 years ago when I used to run C2S with no training, this is how I felt for the 3 days that followed.

Dragged my corpse out at lunch for a recovery session with Sam. Pyrmont course, cut extra short. Did just 10k at slower than 5s. None of it felt great.

Sam was probably in 52-flat shape, but came home in low 53s. The funny thing is his wife Megan was not far behind. No doubt Sam would have been freaking out in the last few K with that very fear.

I’m going to have to stick to easy runs plus swimming for the rest of the week.

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