C2S Heartbreak Hill

C2S Heartbreak Hill

Another Wednesday adventure to the top of HBH. My legs felt very tired  and heavy which is strange b/c the last two days have almost been ‘resting’. Today it was Tim, Kevin, JO’C and maybe 3 others that were happy to brave the puddles.

Contrary to last week, I used this as a recovery-with-hills training run. The slower the better which meant I was at the back with JOC up the two key hills (HRH, then Edgecliff). I’d say I was 4:45s up the hill and not much faster on the flats.

Heading back, I somewhat regretted the distance covered and glad I had good company. The key was just tucking in behind the pack whilst I dragged my feet. Perhaps a 10km with strides would be more sensible?

16km at 4:45s.

One of those days where things don’t seem 100%.

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