C2S Recon

C2S Recon

Complete rest day on Saturday choosing instead some cross-training and pool dancing (i.e. swim lessons). Did this pay dividends for Sunday? No.

Read the WhatsApp chat just before bed. Big mistake:

(Enda) “⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠For those running in CP tomorrow  morning we are planning to get out of the park and do some hills in prep for C2S”

So with the added pressure of hills – plus unexplained soreness / lethargy – I was tossing and turning from about 4am.

Dragged myself out at 6:15 not sure how on earth I’d survive Heartbreak Hill. Linked into the 6:30 crew near Moore Park half hoping there would be a mutiny that saw us stay in CP. That didn’t happen and before long we were moving down Ocean St. At least there was good company – Timmy, Eoin, Jerome, Jac, Enda, Neil and the Barangans.

Hit the base of HBR feeling as if I’d found an extra gear and was happy to follow Jerome and Neil as they pushed 4:00s all the way to Vaucluse. Had 20k banked and little interest finding out how long I’d have to run if I continued with Timmy et al. So I took Eoin and Jerome’s kind offer to turn and head back to the CBD. Some 10k later I said my goodbyes at Macquarie Street and battled the last 5k the same way I run home (Blackwattle).

Must say I felt every incline after 30k and slightly saddened by the lack of brunch which is a norm after my Sunday runs. Lorie claims she didn’t feel up for it. That doesn’t make sense.

37k all up at 4:45s. 

I also hear Scotty and Barts ran mid 31s down at the Lauceston 10k in TAS. Well done to them!

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