Call to Arms

Call to Arms

Despite HuRTS losing Mike Conway to the underground, highly exclusive TRX / cross-fit scene, he still commands a loyal following. Today, half the male CBD running population turned up after a old-school Conway blast email.

Group quickly split heading down to Farm Cove. I happily joined the 4:50s slower group, realising all too late the demographic was on the wrong side of 40. Nevertheless, ran alongside Tym, Conway and Kanser down to Barangaroo.

A third crew led by Brendan Yum Cha Wong were spotted smashing gate-to-gate intervals around Farm Cove. Unusual for a Wednesday, but to be fair he’s trying to work off those Hunter Connection spring rolls.

14km in 68 min. Touch under 5 min/km. The positive is my niggles are less evident! More low intensity days and I’ll be fine.

Next key race in the calendar is JP Morgan Corporate Challenge on 11 November.

Barts will be chased by a lynch mob of 8,000 after this press coverage. 

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