Canada Bay

Canada Bay

Canada Bay

Struggled to roll out of bed before 6:30am as the body is still 3 hours behind. That ruled me out of an easy Striders 10k down at Lane Cove.

Knew I had to meet Lorie at Ashfield at 8am, leaving me a nice 80 min window to explore. Took my time spending maybe 20 min in certain pockets of the Inner West, such as:

– Leichhardt / Canal Area
– Five Dock and Canada Bay
– Burwood and Ashfield.

Canada Bay was my favourite. Was too caught up checking out some bad golf swings (near the Golf Course). Tripped on the pavement, stacked and hit my knee and elbow concurrently. Stood there for 2 min recovering, before brushing off the gravel and moving on. Aside from that, the run was a non-event aside from a feeling of heaviness impacting my pace.

17km in 80 min. A touch under 5:00s average pace. 

Destination was breakfast at Ashfield, which you’d typically only go for for (i) cheap property, and (ii) cheaper dumplings. Now I have reason to believe there is budding cafe scene in early infancy. Proof below at Excelsior Jones.

Roasted vegetable salad and hummus on toast.


Salmon hash with a poached egg.



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