Catch Up

Catch Up

Catch Up

Hip pain has settled down a little but any prospect of interval training and/or 35k plus long runs seems a world away. I’m also probably a good 10% heavier than marathon weight (I’m told that’s a good thing).

Thursday – knocked out a sold 30 min of cross-training before work. I’ve really optimised the basic workout with the 16kg and 20kg Kettlebells. In coming months, I’l need to either go heavier, or go for more complex techniques. In generally I avoid heavy leg work because it’s not good for my ITB

Ran out to Pyrmont at lunch with Sam. We considered another ITAC session but you lose the social aspect. 13k all up.

Friday – a dreaded offsite at work consisting of a series of (boring) talks and a buffet lunch. I survived the talks and skipped the buffet for a cheeky 8.5k in the 60 min break. Ran out to Barangaroo via Hickson Wharves and back. The turn was at 4.4k and for the remaining 4k, I cycled off 200m on/ 100m off reps. So in was 4k fartlek, 5k easy.

Got back at 2pm drenched in sweat. Looked a little silly in front of my colleagues who had rolled out of the buffett.

Saturday – swim time again at ITAC. Seems to be the go-to option on a Saturday where I now like to avoid running. 4k to Pyrmont, 1.5k in the pool and 4k back. Shoulders are a little sore from all this cross-training and swimming.

Sunday – renewed confidence to attempt a long run. I think my legs can handle it? Rolled out at 5:45 over to Centennial to meet the gang. Linked into the 6:30am group with Timmy, Enda, Gerard, CT and a few others. 6k at 4:40s talking about soccer, cricket and other boring stuff. Picked up another 4-5 Rejoov runners at 7am by which time I was at 14k. 8k on the usual loop, continuing down towards Queen’s Park where I was happy to break off.

Ran through CP and back home for the last 9k. I would say I was battling from about 15k today. 12 months ago, a 30k’er was easy. Today, it’s a grind.

32k all up at 4:40s. A decent week of mileage. I estimate over 110k.

Here is two photos of the girls this weekend. El during a two hour walk in 100% humidity, and Rini as she bunkers down for potty training.

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