Catching Up

Catching Up

So as I move into late January, I’m still torn as to whether to get back into the speedwork. I probably need to commit at latest by Feb if I am to get a few runs under the belt like Striders, SMH etc.

Monday – nice and easy run with HuRTS. Met the bunch at the usual corner 12:25am and hugged the water out to Barangaroo. None of the old timers today. Chatted mainly to Frenchman, Pringle and Craig. Exactly 60 minutes.

Tuesday – didn’t really feel like 4x2k reps at OPT. Met Sam for a relatively easy trundle around Pyrmont. Even ran into Christine with her baby Hannah. Legs felt relatively heavy today. Earlier I had completed a solid 1.5k in the pool at ITAC.

Wednesday – Champ took the initiative for something ‘different’. Started at NAB with Biggsy (last minute addition), ran over to the Museum at Darling Harbour to meet Champ and Gary. Then ran Pyrmont wharves, over to JL and across ANZAC Bridge. Tempted to just run home because I’m basically 1.5k from where you turn left to loop into Bicentennial Park. Final few K was Blackwattle Bay, Fishmarket and into the city. Initially I was afraid this would be massively long. Not so. 13k.

Funny enough, I ran to and from work the same day across ANZAC Bridge. So essentially, I crossed that bridge 3 times in a day on foot.

Thursday – mixing it up. Headed over the Cremorne Point pool with Sam. Good amount of hills. The poor bloke struggled moreso than I expected. These are the sort of runs I need to do more of (i.e hills). 13k all up.


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