Cautious of the Hammy

Cautious of the Hammy

Wednesday – Centennial

Happy to do this 5 days a week.  Renee put the word out for  a CP loop where she was completely set on the Oxford St way. To her credit, it’s the flattest and most direct. A good group turned up including Elle, Charlie, YC, Birchy, Heyden and then James meeting us at Fox Gates.

Great weather, a pace that started 5:00s moving to 4:45s as we looped Centennial CW on the grass (same as Sundays). A little double up before the climb to Paddington Gates leaving a 4km net downhill back through Oxford St then Hyde Park. It was meant to be because all the lights were green. Not a single stop, literally.

15km at 4:50s.

Also I noticed as I left CP little twinges in my hammy.

Thursday – Blues Point

Not sure if it’s worth blogging around my strength routine, but it continues. 15 min, then a casual jog via Lilyfield Rd then Anzac Bridge to bank 6km for the AM.

Yep, right hammy still tight which is a 180 from Monday where I felt magic. I figured 400s and 200s at Rushcutters was exactly NOT what the Dr would want. Met Champ and Pete W at the Pillars. An easy 3km to OH where Champ and I broke off to head NOTB. Lots of hills as the course took us past Luna, back up to Macmahons then down to Blue’s Point. I managed to stretch the run out 15km by circling around the Kiribilli side hill.

Back across the bridge on the home stretch, I hit the crest and put a solid 1km surge at 3:25s. Felt OK though I was cautious not to push too hard.

15km at 5:00s.

A good steady run with lots of elevation. That’s what you can expect hugging the water NOTB.

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