CBD, Gladesville

CBD, Gladesville

Saturday – Massage

Long awaited massage as a just reward for my efforts last weekend at the SMH Half. I did have a nice window to do the following:

– 15k out to Balmain East ferry stop and return, then
– 30 min swimming lessons with Trinity at LPAC

The massage itself was quite nice. Nothing new in the diagnosis aside from tightness in the quads, hammy, ITB and calves. It all seems to be on the right side.

Sunday – Long Run

Rather than going to Centennial, I opted to run with Matt. Ran into the CBD for the 7am meeting spot near the Hyatt. It’s a bit unusual heading back this way during the weekend but given he lives out at Crows Nest, it’s a logical half way point. We hooked around Barangaroo, heading over Anzac Bridge at a fairly relaxed pace.

Added some extra K’s near Drummoyne and over the Gladesville Bridge. Stomach started to play up so I left him at Hunter’s Hill and headed back to Drummoyne where I was to meet Lorie for breakfast.

Overall a good chance to get filled in on what Matt’s been up to which includes losing to 50-year-olds at Tennis, #1 at the Willoughby Parkrun and the update with his 3 week old daughter (i.e. my niece). All is well though I’d say he doesn’t seem motivated to race right now. I think he’d have me covered over 5k and 10k.

Got to 33k. I would say the stomach issues made today somewhat unpleasant.

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