Considered the 4x2k Hickson reps and that’s as far as I got. Much greater appeal in a stretch-out jog to Centennial Park with Champ. You just can’t beat rolling around the Park on a weekday given how far removed it is from the city buzz. Lots to talk about w/ Champ, particularly after his heroic victory in a 9.3k (?) race in Thailand. This topic kept me going for the 4.5k to the gate, and another 4k round-trip in a CCW direction.

We exited near Paddington and followed the perimeter on the outside. Felt better and better heading back to the CBD by which time I was getting hungry. No guilt at all missing another session, though a part of me knows I need to get serious at some point.

14.5k at 4:40s.

My next race is City 2 Surf. To that end, I’ll be using Wednesdays to run to the top of HBH during lunch.

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