With Champ nearly crippled from a 30 min stair session with Smolly on Wed, he asked for an easy recovery and I was more than happy to oblige. My own legs feel completely flattened by a massive last few days.

Like I told Champ, as long as it’s a good soreness and you have easy days, then this fatigue is progressive.

Started at the Pillars where we found a few other HuRTS congregating for Timmy’s hills + tempo set. Said my goodbyes after defending my choice of wearing gloves. The hard bit was the incline via William St then past St Vincent’s Hospital. From there, a standard CW loop around CP entering and exiting Fox. Legs were complaining from about 10km but at least it is easy down Oxford St. I was successful moving Champ from a target 10km to 14km. Poor guy.

15km all up in 70 min.

Another easy one tomorrow. Yay.

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