Glad to close out one of my highest quality weeks in awhile. Though judging by my cough, it’s probably cost me another 10 days of sickness.

CP was absolutely jammed with every man and his dog. Made the 6:30am loop, though I had my doubts whether I’d keep pace today. Setting the pace today was JFen, Fats and CT with a string of others doing anything from 15km to 30km. First 6km was actually OK, but things got worse the moment we picked up the 7am starters.

A few were hitting 4:20s on the inner loop, forcing the group to split. Plodders like JO’C, Renee, Champ and I gave up, then fought back, then gave up as we shot back past Allianz Stadium. Back at the cafe, I decided to ease back and conviced Champ to do the same. Turns out, we remained at 4:20s and the guys ramped it up again!.

Some 40 min later, I was back at the cafe with much relief. Stomach pains from 20km and a fit of coughing the moment I stopped – not the most pleasant run to be honest.

 34km at 4:34s. 

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