Saturday – day off

Thought about the Striders 10k at Lane Cove. That’s as far as I made it which tells me the motivation is pretty low. Literally slept in, did a little cross-training (core work mainly) with a view that I was fully entitled to a rest day.

Cabin fever got the better of me and with the temp picking up late morning, I jogged over to LPAC for 2k freestyle. The idea was to loosen the hips again and afterwards I celebrated the fact that my PF and ITB issues feel improved vs last week.

The swim itself was a non-event but largely broken up in 400s: 0-400m easy, 400-800m alt breathing cycles, #800-1800 50 on 50 off, and then 200m closed fist drills. Amazing how ‘intervals’ make time go faster.

Sunday – back

Forgot about the end to DST. I woke up at what I thought was 6:30am and was very confused… by that stage I was awake so I headed off to CP to meet HuRTS. Look at long way as my departure time was 5:35am! 12k done via Pyrmont Bridge and Oxford St all before meeting the gang at 6:30am.

Talked to LJ, JFen, Niel, Sweaty Craig on what felt like a pretty easy pace (4:35s) for the 6k loop. The big fail was trying to start a conversation with Eloise who never ever offers anything back. We got back to the Kiosk at 7am and whilst the gang stopped for drinks, I kicked on solo on an inner loop before heading home. Felt neither fatigued nor invigorated today.

Probably covered 28k at 4:40s plus some walking at the end. Back pain still remains, but better vs Wednesday which is when it started.

In the spirit of weekend feasting here is brunch (yesterday).

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