Saturday – LPAC

Very lazy day for me. Received zero interest from the Bay Run Rollers (local Whatsapp chat) seeking company for an early Bay Run. I never made it out the door, and later turned down an offer from Nick to head out at Midday.

Weather was so nice I convinced Lorie and Trinity to watch me do laps down at LPAC in the afternoon. Nice to really loosen up the hips and allow the legs to heal. Aimed to do 1.5k, and in the end I achieved 2.4k in 50 min.

Sunday – Centennial

I threw out the following yesterday:

– 2x Saucony Fastwitch
– 1x On-Running Cloud
– 1x New Balance Zante v3s

It was emotional but sometimes you need to move on. Anyway, with a new Fastwich on my feet, I got right back into the running.

Jogged over to CP via Pyrmont and Surry Hills which saw me link up with the gang near Fox Gates. The turnout included Jac, Jeet, Lambert, the Barangan brothers, LJ, Elle, CT, JC and a bunch of other Reejovs. Pace was a little too intense for Jac and I so we hung back on lap 1. Saw LJ, Elle, Jeet and CT exiting CP for the 6k loop around Moore Park so we joined in there. This got me to around 22k which was my ‘socialising’ for the morning.

Jogged a little with David Byrne – freak runner who is training for the Western States 100 miler – before heading back West to meeting Lorie and Trinity at Marrickville Markets. Left the house at 6:20am and shuffled my way into the hipster markets at 9am. 34k all up.

The plan was then to meet Jac (+1), Champ (+1) and Renee & James over at Mecca in Alexandria. Renee has a pretty poor track record in cafe selection so I was skeptical.

Conclusion – barely a pass. Nicely presented farm-to-plate produce, horribly stingy portion sizes. Coffee here is suppose to be famous. Mine was bland.

Avo on toast with kimchi – Lorie’s choice. Pretty but stingy.

Bircher museli – Jacqueline’s choice. Why would you ever order this at a cafe…

Bacon & egg burger with slaw – Champ’s choice. Excellent charring.

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