Centennial Again!

Centennial Again!

Just Jeet, Jac and I starting waterside at Le Montage. It was Jeet’s turn to choose the route and when he whispered ‘Centennial’ my heart sunk. I’m pretty sick and tired of the endless Centennial loops. No matter, I put the head down and battled away at what was a fairly modest pace.

Legs are clearly sore from weeks of speed work, last week’s massive run up Mt Wellington and more recently all this pram running. We headed around Blackwattle, Pyrmont then through Redfern into CP. By then we only needed a single inner loop to get the Ks up. No signs of the main HuRTS bunch but we did see Mr Grumpy, aka P Birch, plodding around.

By the way, we all set out to do 25k. So by adding Darling Harbour and the back of Pyrmont, that goal was achieved. Jeet is in the best form of his life. My hat goes off to Jac who has basically done 3 long runs in 8 days.

Finished off the run back at Le Montage and basically walked home. A touch over 2 hours on the feet.

37 degrees tomorrow! It will not be nice.

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