Centennial – An Extra Few

Centennial – An Extra Few

Felt 20k plus was achievable but optimistic on this fine Sunday. There’s no better way to fill a few hours between wake-up and breakfast with the girls. Jogged over to CP to meet the crew at 7am. Energy levels fine, a few linger niggles in the ankles as per recent days.

Happy to lead upfront today, at a safe 4:35s for loop #1 whilst chatting to Timmy, LJ, JFen, Sharon and Luca. The group was much bigger but I never really engaged with the stragglers (Craig, Jac etc). Of the Melb marathons survivors, just LJ and I with notable MIAs Lambert and Jeet. Last 10k in the park was bonus Ks following Luca – fell in love with his Italian accent and lost track of time.

Here’s some points of gossip from today:
–  Timmy is running NY marathon in 2 weeks – predicted time 3:15?
– LJ provided a choc-pancake recipe which I replicated for dinner.
– Luca wants HuRTS to do another 24 hour treadmill relay in April. I still recall 2x30min @ 20km/hr from the last time.

30km at 4:40s plus a jog/walk to Redfern. A touch over 100k for the week – not bad after Melb.

Missed a coffee date with the gang as I had to meet Lorie and Trinity for breakfast at John Smith Cafe. Best avocado toast in Sydney. Period. The breakfast bowl was too small.


Afternoon – a nice 60 min walk with Trinity for ice-cream. We had a great time and the wife was not invited.


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