Centennial and Barangaroo

Centennial and Barangaroo

A general feeling of lethargy not helped by poor sleep since I’ve been back. The plan for Nov and Dec is just build my base fitness such that I can launch my 2017 campaign mentally hungry. I’m at the stage where 120-140k pw is very easy to maintain – even with niggles, illness etc.

Sunday – Centennial

Really looked forward to rejoining the crew for a 30k-er. No better way to spend a Spring Morning than a trot around the Park with banter to fill the time.

LJ brought Olympian Eloise Welling along. Whenever this happens, half the males in the squad suddenly feel the need to run sub 4:20s. Pathetic and frustrating. There’s only a few female athletes I’d be happy to ‘adjust’ my LR pace for. None of them represent Australia.

Initially I moved to the front trying to slow the pace, then failed after about 4k. CT had us on the Queens Park look which is quite nice. I hung in there at the pace, but dropped as we re-entered CP. With a 10k lap done, I’d had enough of erratic pacing and proceeded with my own random loop. I ran back past Queens Park, Coogee suburbia, and finally to Redfern to meet the girls for breakfast.

33km in 2:30

 Monday – HuRTS Recovery

Ran out to Farm Cove steps, did 12 min of burpees (yes, that’s right) whilst I waited for the 12:25pm crew to pass. I had the goggles on just in case the swimmer in me emerged. It did not. In effect, the burpees was punishment for my cop out. I’m getting good at them!

Finally at 12:37pm the band came jogging past, saving me from my burpee rampage. It was the usual wharves loop at a leisurely pace. The numbers were swelling today and there was much talk of the NY marathon. Half broke off after Barangaroo, including myself, Timmy, Renee, Jac and Elle. All girls really. After all, JPM CC is on Wednesday night.

On that note, I’ve decided I’ll be pacing for the evening. Will be there for a good BBQ at the Allens Tent but need to burn off the calories over 5.6k.

11km at 4:40s plus 120 burpees. Also ran home, getting me to 16k for the day.

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