Centennial Cat Run, New Watch

Centennial Cat Run, New Watch

Centennial Cat Run, New Watch

Conventional wisdom is not to do a LR as I reverse taper out of the marathon. It was not to be as I had Trinity awake at 5:30am and Lorie booked us for brunch at 9am Redfern. That’s a 3.5hr gap and obviously I can only drink so many coffees.

Starting at the Kiosk, the consensus (or 20?) chose to stay in the park today despite the CP Ultra hogging the inner fence. Happy with this choice as I doubted I’d make it up the C2S hills. The pace started hard, and got worse with the likes of Kev, Enda and Craig plus a few others moving to sub 4:30s. Coming onto Alison Rd (5km), I was spat out the back in the blink of an eye. Thankfully, so was Jeet and Laura (LJ) and we collectively decided not to chase. With the pace at 4:35s I was able to rally my legs and further back I suspect Timmy, Renee, Lambert were having similar discussions. When LJ started talking pastries, B&E rolls and heaven forbid, freshly baked bread, life got 25% harder and the pace dropped a good 10s/k.

Completed 10km in respectable time (45 min) using the 3km Oxford St hill loop. From there, I did 3 inner loops weaving my way through the CP 50/100 participants. Main company was Lambert whilst we also said hi’s to CT, Neil, Brendan Davies. After lap 3, it was time to jog over to Redfern for a well deserved breakfast at Kepos.

24km at 4:40s. Great to run with HuRTS as always. Legs are tired, very tired.

Today’s other frustration. I’ve been using Lorie’s Garmin FR 10 and it is shocking! 4km to pick up a satellite, then battery dead soon thereafter. I had to compensate by running Strava on the phone. This was the catalyst I needed for a spur-of-the-moment purchase on the way home.

Garmin 235 – I hear good things about this. Slim, all the functions you need (as a runner), HR monitor on the wrist, pricing OK. My caution from the past with Garmin is (i) they have a crap app/website, (ii) they break after 18 months, (iii) GPS satellite takes forever to pick-up. We will see.


Another delight upon returning home. I drew a cat with my run. I could not do a better job with a pen and paper!




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