Centennial – Highly Progressive Long Run

Centennial – Highly Progressive Long Run

If yesterday’s 20k plod was a warning sign to take-it-easy, today’s 26km progressive run was a reminder what hydration, good sleep and a week of light speed can do.

First 4km a sleepy 5:30s, before the engine started to warm. Come 12km, my pace was 4:30s and I adjoined the back of a large HuRTS Centennial crew that included Timmy, JFen, CT, DK, Craig, Jeet, Renaud, Eoin and several others. All are in various stages of tapering, build-up or like me, training for nothing.

JFen and CT seemed particularly intent on 4:20s. With the legs now loose, my legs did not complain. First 10km lap (in the park) was 4:30s to 4:15s. Final white picket lap had me battling with Eion at his MP (4 min/km), as he readies for a 2:46ish Blackmores effort. He is kindly asked for some pacing assistance. We’ll see.

26km all up in 1:57 at 4:30 min/km. 

First 10k – 4:50s ave pace
Second 10k – 4:20s
Last 6km – 4s, with the last 3km splits 3:50s.

Not used to this rigour on Sundays, but taking a leaf from Lewis and JFen. Quality once in a while helps.

Slow 4km back to Refern for breakfast with Lorie and Timmy. Post a disappointing B&E effort in Manly last week, I could not afford another disaster for my stomach.

Running and breakfast ally Timmy Lindop was like the fat kid in a candy store reading the menu then digging into a real B&E brioche roll. 

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