Centennial Long Run

Centennial Long Run

Centennial Long Run

Dodged exactly 8 drunkards in the 7km from Lilyfield to Centennial per the preceding night’s Rugby Sevens. As planned, tacked onto the 6:30am SOTB team outside Allianz, which by the way looked trashed.

No girls, just the blokes today which included Craig, CT, Timmy, Neil, Anthony, Jeet, Kanser, Frenchman, Champ and even Renaud, now removed from the Missing Person’s List. No sign of the Rugby Seven survivors in Enda, Jackie O, Eoin and Fenton, some of whom are now regular TV personalities.

The key was to keep the mind away from post-race tired legs. Thus, happy to listen to CT’s Sun Run recap (sounds tough) and then Timmy’s sub-40 min 10km ambitions. 4:30s felt hard today, which I countered with  a high cadence and tight arms. Neil’s feedback is I have an awkward right arm swing which needs work. Usual 10km loop back the Kiosk before paying my respects and returning home. Naturally the 4:30s dropped to 4:50s in the last 8km

31km all up in 2:30. My state is the ‘right‘ type of tired.

Trinity’s baptism today. She pulled through the whole water-boarding experience just fine.


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