Centennial Long Run

Centennial Long Run

Centennial Long Run

Really my only option today (if I wanted company) was Centennial despite recent efforts to mix it up. After Sammy J’s birthday drinks yesterday it was always going to be a tough ask to back it up the next morning for a few. The fact that Timmy, Jac and JFen were nowhere to be seen said it all.

Rolled into CP for the 7am to find the two Brannagans, Lambert, Jeet, Fats, Enda, Eoin, CT, Birchy and that sweaty guy who never speaks. None of the girls today. Also word on the street was JFen got too carried away with  family Xmas carols down at Milson’s Point last night and hence was MIA today.

Anyway, 8k done pre-7am, then the Queen’s Park loop which actually saw me run up the hill (solo) and unsuccessfully chase the guys back around dirty track and Woollahra Gates. The pace felt hard the whole time. Joined Fats for one final inner loop (3k), leaving the park with 25k banked and heading home via Central / Ultimo / Glebe.

A sweaty, slightly laboured run covering 34 km at 4:35s. Disappointingly my legs didn’t feel fresh despite a rest day yesterday.

Here are some photos from yesterday for Sam’s 40th.

Birchy, myself, Conway, Taffy, Jeet and Craig.

Business meeting.

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