Centennial Long Run

Centennial Long Run

Centennial Long Run

Strapped on the shoes and rolled out the door after a bit of a sleep in to 6:15am. It’s the must-do routine on Sunday. I did notice my upper legs – glutes, hip flexors, quads – were really stiff from the weights yesterday.

Headed east towards CP where I knew I not only missed the 6:30am start, but also 7am. Found JFen, the Barangan Brothers, Neil and two other new blokes near Fox Gates. Leaving them was Lambert who apparently had done 28k and was about to run home to Chatswood.  Jumped in at the mandated 4:30-4:40s pace and enjoyed the company on the Queen’s Park loop. In the first few K I was told by Neil that yesterday’s 25k is in fact not a LR and that I ‘missed all the good Ks that come after‘.

The comment must’ve stirred me into motion as doing 15k as initially planned was not enough. Completed loop 1 and departed the park with just enough Ks to satisfy my ego. Some 40 min later I rolled back through the front door in good spirit. Happy to bank a bonus run.

Highlight of the day was a triple dose of Papas Baked Ricotta Cheesecake. Every bite is sublime.

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